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A New Way of Thinking

It all starts here. A new career. A new life. A new set of skills that changes everything.

We combine classroom instruction from experienced software developers and UX designers with a responsive and supportive community to take your ideas from theory to reality.

If you want to do more than learn to code—if you want to truly become a code and design professional—you need more than just a book. You need the advice and support of people who are currently working in the field. That’s what we’re here for. Let’s get to work.

Meet Our Instructors

Our courses and workshops are taught by current industry professionals, which means our curriculum is always relevant, practical, and ready to meet any challenge. Here’s one of our instructors.

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Shirmung Bielefeld

Web Development 100
New York City Campus

Shirmung is a Technical Lead at Bark & Co., where she uses her coding skills to disrupt the pet supply industry. Previously, she worked in software development for digital agency Brooklyn United and for startup incubator Tipping Point Partners.

Watch her 2014 presentation to JSConf here.

Student Story

Sam Berman

Accessibility Specialist, Equal Entry

After teaching computer skills to the elderly, Sam wanted to take his career to the next level with a set of web development skills. Throughout the Web Development Intensive program, he focused on building applications that were more accessible. Now he’s bringing those skills to the world as an Accessibility Specialist at Equal Entry.

Watch this video to learn more about Sam’s story.