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Quincy Iheme

Instructor, Philadelphia


Hi, my name is Quincy Iheme and I am a web developer from New Jersey. I pursued a degree in Physics from Saint Peter's College and then after moved a role at a medical device manufacturing company. A couple of years into that position, I found myself at a crossroads in my career where I could either continue down the path I was on or move on to something I could love and grow into at the same time. I enrolled in a 3-month full-time bootcamp to learn the skills I needed to become a web developer. Shortly after, I was hired at Comcast and have been there ever since. As the time went on, I was introduced to a volunteer driven organization named Railsbridge, which hosts 1.5 day workshops to learn Ruby on Rails and targets underrepresented groups in technology. I volunteered at a workshop in the Fall of 2014 and I have been volunteering and helping to organize the events ever since. I also worked as an Expert in Residence at General Assembly and a Teacher's Assistant for Rutgers University's Coding Bootcamp in New Brunswick. The one thing I love about this profession is that it pushes you to continually learn new technologies while also honing the skills you already have. I've also found that I have a passion for teaching code as well. In just two years, I've been exposed to and learned 5 different languages and countless more libraries and frameworks for increasing the power of my code and applications. While I continue to gain more experience and grow in development, I look to hone the skills I currently have while giving back to the community which has changed my life!