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Success Beyond the Classroom

NYCDA graduates do amazing things. Here are some of our students’ stories. We think they speak for themselves.
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Jeff Chui

Developer, CraftWW
Web Development Intensive, February 2016

Jeff came to NYCDA to kickstart his career in Web Development. Using his portfolio of projects in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Node.js, he was offered a full-stack developer position within one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

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Alexandra Schorndorf

Product Designer, Backstage
UI/UX Design 101, September 2015

Alex is a New York City-based designer and illustrator who spends her weekdays working for She also freelances for Amazon, the foodie website Tasting Table, and mattress start-up, Helix Sleep.

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Anh La Russo

Tech Lead, Uncubed
Web Development Intensive, December 2014

"When I found New York Code and Design Academy, I took a leap of faith and dropped everything I was doing to immerse myself in learning how to code. With every project I built and problem I solved, I grew to love programming more. The WDI experience not only taught me front-end to back-end fundamentals, it gave me the skills to be a self directed learner."

The Power of Change

Making something used to only affect the person it was made for. Through the internet, websites and applications have the ability to impact people all around the world.

Oliver Huang

Web Development Intensive, June 2016

Mixtapes were all but a thing of the past until Oliver built Hypertape, a platform for creating and sharing digital playlists. Using various APIs and the skills he picked up in class, he built an application that can share music with anyone in the world.

Sam Berman

Accessibility Specialist, Equal Entry
Web Development Intensive, April 2016

After teaching computer skills to the elderly, Sam wanted to take his career to the next level with a set of web development skills. Throughout the Web Development Intensive program, he focused on building applications that were more accessible. Now he's bringing those skills to the world.

Ting Chan

Developer, McCann NY
Web Development Intensive, February 2016

During her course at NYCDA, Ting built Zombie Behavioral Therapy: a fully web-based HTML5 game built using various JavaScript libraries and custom built graphics. After the program, she began working at McCann New York, a division of one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

Ricardo Lopez

Sales Director, TVPage
Web Development Intensive, February 2016

Ricardo's Text Prep application helps aspiring Americans study for their naturalization exam through an interactive game. Watch how he changes lives one text at a time.

He built it in 12 weeks with:

  • HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Third-party API Integrationn

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