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Web Development Intensive with JavaScript

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This full-time intensive web development program transforms beginner students into entry level full stack developers. We will guide you through this life-changing experience as you learn JavaScript, Node.js, SASS, and other fundamental programming languages needed to become a professional web developer. The New York Code + Design Academy will not only teach you these essential tools, but also provide career counseling and resources to help you secure that next big opportunity. If you’re looking for a rigorous level of study that can help elevate your future, this is the class for you!

Front End Development

Front-end web development, also known as client-side development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or Web Application so that a user can see and interact with them directly.











Back End Development

Build the core computational logic of a website or web application. This includes interaction with a database or third-party integrations, and ensuring data integrity.



Database theory

Database Theory

Node js


Development Tools

Additional applications or software that developers and designers can use to increase productivity or functionality of websites.

Command line

Command Line





Other Skills

Miscellaneous tools or concepts a developer or designer should understand.

Collaborative dev

Collaborative Development

Computer science basics

Computer Science Basics

Model view controller


Object oriented programming

Object Oriented Programming

Other Sessions


Inessa Li

Full Stack Web Developer Self-employed

Everything I have experienced with this class has exceeded all my expectations: insightful and comprehensive curriculum, friendly and patient teachers, and lots of fun.

Loet Romijin

Business Engineer Finaps

After finishing the three-month full stack web development bootcamp at The New York Code + Design Academy, I immediately started working at Finaps. This job allows me to learn on the go and challenges me to develop applications that truly add value and inspire others the way I am inspired by the work of my colleagues. The bootcamp opened up a whole new exciting world for me and I made some great friends!


Week 1: Hello, World!

In this first week, you will dive right into learning the basics of JavaScript, a popular and widely used programming language. You’ll also learn the problem solving skills needed to go forward.

Week 2: Git/Github

We teach you how to use Git and GitHub so you have the tools in place to keep track of a project with multiple working people and parts. From there, you will begin to build websites on your own and collaboratively. You’ll also be introduced to the jQuery framework to make your code simpler.

Week 3: Welcome to Node.js!

This week introduces Node.js, a runtime environment for developing web applications on the server-side. Along with Node.js, we will teach you concepts in advanced JavaScript and the JavaScript framework structure.

Week 4: Requests and Routing

During week four, you’ll learn how to build a dynamic web server with routes, views (web pages), and integrate key JavaScript features for interactivity.

Week 5: AJAX

This week you will explore the properties of Ajax, and learn how to make calls to external resources to communicate with a database behind the scenes.

Week 6: Databases

We focus on databases and how to fundamentally save data to your application using Postgres. We also go into more advanced concepts in filesystem communication with a Node application.

Week 7: Cookies, Sessions, REST

During this week, you’ll set up human-readable urls to improve interaction, gain a better understanding of browser functionality, and learn about how cookies store vital data about user communication with an application.

Week 8: Application Architecture and Encryption

This week you’ll learn about how an application is structured, how to save data securely in the database, and how to wrap up the app with a user-friendly interface.

Week 9: Group Project and SASS

Throughout week nine, you will work in groups building Node applications. You’ll also learn how to validate and securely save data, and dive into SASS, a developer’s tool for styling web applications.

Week 10: Testing

During this week, you will continue to work on group projects and learn how to build and run tests for web and mobile applications.

Week 11: Deploying to the web

In our second to last week, students will structure their final projects. They will be practicing more JavaScript exercises and learn how to deploy their app to the world on their own domain!

Week 12: Development Week

During your last week of the program, you’ll finish your final projects and present them! We’ll also teach you websockets, an open communication between multiple users, and top off the course with an introduction to the most popular JS frameworks in the world, React.js.


Q: How does this course differ from Web Development Intensive?

This course focuses on Node.js as the back end programming language whereas the Web Development Intensive uses Ruby on Rails.

Q: How does this course differ from Web Development 100?

The primary difference between Web Development Intensive and Web Development 100 is time (480 vs 96 hours spent in class). Web Development Intensive is a full-time, immersive course that teaches full stack web development that devotes more time to back end programming. Web Development 100 is a part-time evening course that gives students a strong set of fundamentals to prepare them for a more advanced track of their choice.

Q: Will this course get me a job in the tech industry?

While we cannot guarantee students a job, we do offer career resources and training for our students to be competitive.

Q: Will I learn enough to be a full stack web developer?

The Web Development Intensive provides a strong foundation in web development fundamentals with a focus on back end programming. Many students find work after this course as junior web developers.

If your goal is a career change, we recommend spending as much time as possible polishing your projects in and outside of the classroom.