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User Experience / User Interface Intensive

Master user experience design with a full-time UI UX program at NYCDA. Apply today!

What you'll learn

During this eight week, hands on learning experience, students are brought through UX/UI Design industry best practices from the ground up. They will begin to understand the core elements of smart, user-centered functional design and then utilize the processes and tools necessary to begin contributing to the field and hit the ground running. The curriculum is focused towards web and mobile design in particular, and with the New York Code + Design Academy’s open environment, students will have a friendly and engaging learning experience that will help prepare them to be competitive designers. Enter the world with a fresh understanding of design!

UX Processes

The key components of User Experience Design that allow designers to understand their users, create efficient flows, and optimize for the best user experience possible.

Concept design

Concept Design

Information architecture

Information Architecture

Interaction design

Interaction Design

Interface design

Interface Design





Qualitative research

Qualitative Research

Usability testing

Usability Testing

User scenarios

User Scenarios



Other Skills

Miscellaneous tools or concepts a developer or designer should understand.

Professional development

Professional Development

Project management

Project Management

Project scoping

Project Scoping

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Week 1: Intro to UX/UI

Working hands on by discussing selected website designs, the students will learn the fundamentals of UX/UI through exercises geared at showing them how to identify, navigate and discuss digital experience.

Week 2: Discovery, Scoping & User-Centered Design

This week focuses on how to research, gather data and evaluate the state of a business, to be able to set up a project that meets the needs of a given client and the users of their products.

Week 3: Prototypes, Best UI Practices & POC

This week will cover the students designing both widgets and prototypes and from there, creating proof of concepts structured on those widgets.

Week 4: Refining Your Designs

During this mid-course week, students test their previous proof of concepts and then develop detailed user experiences from those original prototypes.

Week 5: Designing for Context

Students will take on an alternative user interface for their concept. They will also learn about the internet of things (IoT) and how to solve the issues that may come up with the product.

Week 6: Testing & Feedback

This week covers the practice of identifying goals and objectives of the experience and gaining an understanding of the methodologies used for analysis and reporting. Students will then create discussion guides from their research and gather interviews to better their data.

Week 7: Documentation & Implementation

Students will define the behavior of their system for at least one section and create stylistic specifications that cover the visual design. The class wraps up the week by presenting these specs to a guest developer.

Week 8: Getting Ready for the Market

During this final week, students will create professional materials such as resumes, social media and a portfolio with at least one example of the work they have completed, that they will present to professional contacts and colleagues.


Q: How does this course differ from Web Development Intensive?

The primary difference is that Web Development Intensive teaches full stack web development that devotes most of its time to programming. The UI/UX is an immersive course that is aimed to be design specific.

Q: Who prepared the curriculum for this course?

The curriculum was developed through our partnership with Motivate Design with guidance from Mona Patel, author of New York Times best selling book, "Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate, and Think".

Q: Will I need any prior coding experience?

No. This course focuses on the fundamentals and theories of design, not coding. Please see the requirements section below to find out more of what we seek in applicants.

Q: Do you need prior design or research experience?

No. This program is accessible to anyone who has the desire and passion to learn.

Q: Is this a full-time or part-time program?

This is an 8 week full-time program Monday thru Friday 10AM - 6PM. Get ready to be immersed in design!