Who We Are

NYCDA staff come from all different backgrounds and walks of life to build a diverse community of technology professionals across the globe. Whether we work in Development, HR, Academics or Marketing, we all have a passion for educating our students. We hope that you can join our team!

What we do

We combine education from experienced software developers and UX designers with a supportive community to help our students learn to code. Our classes simulate workplace environments in order to promote growth mindsets and soft skills training. Because of our gifted instructors and guest lectures from industry professionals, our students graduate with competitive advantages in the tech industry.

Why we do it

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What We’re Like


As leaders in tech education, we’re changing the way our students learn and develop. We constantly search for the most cutting-edge techniques and philosophies to incorporate into our classroom experience.We break away from traditional classroom environments by creating a more hands-on, project-based, and practical learning experience.


Every day, we’re driven by the learning that takes place in and out of our classrooms. Our students are why we’re here, and we’re inspired by each and every one. We share student success stories at our weekly meetings and constantly show gratitude to one another for the amazing work that’s being done across departments to help positively impact our students.


Working together is paramount to our success as a company! Whether you’re based in New York, Salt Lake City, or Amsterdam, you’ll work with folks all across the company to share ideas, brainstorm, and incorporate the best strategies into your job. Through collaboration, we’re able to innovate and encourage our passion for education with one another.

Current Openings