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Which of these Tech Gadgets were actually revealed at CES 2017?

Written by Peter Bolte on January 11, 2017 in Amazon Alexa, CES, Gadgets, Learn to Code, Technology, The Internet, User Experience

The IoT (Internet of Things) is a catch phrase we all heard thrown around the technology world throughout the last couple of years - especially 2016. Innovators are continually looking to find ways to connect the internet into our daily lives and many of the times, come up with viable products with features that bring ease and convenience into our world.


CES 2017, the largest global consumer technology tradeshow, just passed through Las Vegas. This is the place where large companies and startups alike present the newest tech products to the public. Some of these inventions are simply enhancing products we already use. Others are completely new and will find themselves working into our daily lives after their prototypes hit the market.

However, there are times when these new products push the limits of being useful and sound well, somewhat ridiculous - but who are we to judge. So, instead of a normal recap listing our choice picks of CES 2017, we’ve decided to change it up a bit and are going to have some fun and play a little game, Real or Fake?

Real or Fake?

1. The Smart Hairbrush - Have you ever wondered if you are brushing your hair too hard? Or, maybe you are being too gentle? All of your problems will be solved with this new hairbrush equipped with a microphone that builds data of your hair brushing patterns. It will tell you if you are doing it wrong and how to better brush and take care of your hair. In analyzing your strokes, it can sense tangles, frizz, and tuffs, and will help you brush at a better pace, and with the proper tension for your type of hair.

Real or Fake? Real! Withings, Kérastase, and L'Oréal

2. ThermOS - ThermOS is a new hot/cold beverage container add-on that attaches to any bottle or Thermos. When you set your ideal beverage temperature through the free mobile app, the device will alert you when your drink's temperature goes out of range, or below ideal volume, so you can get a refill. It also tracks your fluid intake, and recommends bathroom break times based on your upcoming schedule and travel needs (Requires iCloud Calendar).

Real or Fake? Fake!

3. Earbuds that Digitize + Live Mix Sound - Hear One earbuds are not your regular wireless earpieces to listen to music and podcasts. In real-time, they capture, separate, and digitize individual sounds from multiple directions which can then be live mixed. Want to tune down the construction site across the street? Curious to spy on the couple eating at the booth behind you? Then these are a must buy for you!

Real or Fake? Real! Doppler Labs

4. SmartStep - These new sneakers have elements that both transmit and sense heat. For icy, winter mornings, these shoes help break down the ice as you move about your day. Not only do they ensure safe ground to walk upon, they also can sense heat which then sends info to your mobile app to keep you from taking the wrong path. Never again will you step into your lazy neighbor’s effort at curbing their dog (Syncs with Google Maps for optimal use).

Real or Fake? Fake!

5. Beltly - This new product sounds exactly like it is. It is a belt connected to both a mobile and desktop app that has a tension gauge which alerts you when you are starting to gain weight or when you’ve had enough to eat. By syncing it up with your calendar, you can also set “off” days, such as Thanksgiving, where you would consume more than your usual routine. Beltly also works with most iOS and Android health apps to help ease your dietary transformation.

Real or Fake? Fake!

6. The Selfie-Taking Drone - Do you feel that celebrities are the ones getting all of the attention from paparazzi and feel that you deserve some camera time? Maybe you want that ultimate candid selfie but don’t have enough hands or long enough arms to snap the image. Look no further. This drone floats next to and around you and uses facial recognition to make sure it always hits its mark and never misses an opportunity to capture your likeness. It also shoots video too! No more boring, stationary selfies.

Real or Fake? Real! Roam-E

7. SmartTrash - While it doesn’t get rid of the endless chore of taking the trash out to the curb, it does however, keep your space a bit more tidy. SmartTrash senses even the lowest levels of methane that your trash emits and releases the amount of deodorizer needed to counteract the smell. It also determines set weights to lessen the burden of taking it out and detects recycling (various plastics, glass, and metals) that you’ve accidentally trashed.

Real or Fake? Fake!

8. InstaView Refrigerator - This new fridge is powered by Amazon’s Alexa. You can order food and play music from your refrigerator through voice commands. Its key feature is how the door turns from a 29” touchscreen into a transparent window so an individual can know what to pick up at the store, without even having to open it.

Real or Fake? Real! LG

9. A Home Washer & Dryer (w/ Nested Washer & Dryers inside them) - Do you find yourself needing to wash two loads at the same time, but one load is smaller and consists of delicates, while the other is rugged and needs high heat? Wait no longer. These washers and dryers each have nested, smaller washers and dryers in them to have simultaneous cleaning or drying of two loads. The FlexWash + FlexDry are both IoT enabled and can be controlled directly from your Samsung Smart Home app. Get notified the moment your clothes are done!

Real or Fake? Real! Samsung

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recap of CES 2017. All of these products, whether real or fake, run on code. Are you interested in learning more about technology but are not quite sure where to start? Take a few moments and visit to see how the New York Code + Design Academy can help you.

Hero Image: Consumer Technology Association