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Web Development Simplified: Code ≠ Complicated

Written by Peter Bolte on November 07, 2016 in Job Skills, Learn to Code, New York City, Technology, The Internet

Brian Fountain, Chief Creative Officer at the New York Code + Design Academy, hits the streets of NYC to talk to people and see just how much he can teach them about Web Development in the shortest amount of time. Brian simplifies Web Development into the analogy of building a home into 3 easy-to-remember comparisons.


HTML is equivalent to the structure of a house and acts as the foundation, walls, and roof.


2. CSS

CSS is comparable to the design elements of the home such as the paint, tiles, carpet, and drapes. It is what gives your website its own personality.


3. JavaScript

JavaScript is what makes the website run. It is very similar to the electricity, gas, and water that would power a home.


On his mission to simplify web development, Brian ran into Joshie, a random New Yorker who manages a bar in downtown Manhattan. Brian used his 3 point analogy of building a home and within 60 seconds, Joshie was already beginning to understand the basic fundamentals of how a website works.

"Actually that just clicked a lot of things into my head. Now I can easily associate powered by JavaScript." - Joshie

You see! Learning about Web Development is not as difficult as you think. You just need the right tools in place, taught by dedicated instructors who can help guide you through the process. If you are looking to change careers or gain the skills needed to enter the field of technology, take some time to view our many course offerings here.

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