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Guest Post — Ineke Scheffers: NYCDA Student, Girl Code Founder

Written by Cory Healy on December 09, 2016 in Amsterdam, Learn to Code, Technology

You may say I'm a dreamer...


...but I’m not the only one. The numbers of women programmers in The Netherlands vary a little per source, but what’s always the case is that the number is low and we do worse than most other countries in the world.

According to VHTO, the number of women programmers in 2014 was 10% and falling. Ada Lovelace, the fact that 65% of programmers in the 1960s were women, people like Margaret Hamilton and Katherine Johnson, this future LEGO set, and all the professional women programmers I know today (waddup!) all prove I’m not dreaming and the concept of “well, programming is just a guy’s thing” simply isn’t true. I want to close this unnecessary and unfounded gender gap in code!

That’s why I founded Girl Code, and it’s one of the many reasons I’m now throwing my life around by seriously learning to code at NYCDA through the BSSA program (that and, apart from wanting to close the gap, I just want to be a wizard myself). It’s a shame that the nine girls (out of 20 students) in my class, didn’t start coding at the young age most guys do, but it’s amazing to see such a big number doing it now! It’s nice NYCDA, the teachers, and our guy-classmates totally support us and just look at us as their fellow programmers—nothing more, nothing less.

The open-source lifestyle typical for coders is alive and kicking here: we code together, we game together and we watch movies together. That’s why I think it’s also amazing that Girl Code and NYCDA are joining forces on Wednesday, December 21 by organizing a Girl Code Meetup together at ‘Building a Ducky Shooter Game: Girl Code meets JavaScript at NYCDA’. Here, NYCDA and all my classmates get a chance to meet my Girl Coders, a girl from my class can give the workshop, students get a chance to tutor at an event, and where Girl Coders get the chance to meet NYCDA and perhaps start coding there like I did or even teach!


So come and bring your laptop! The workshop is aimed at beginners, but as always everybody is welcome. If it’s a little too low level for you, you’re welcome to come and code on your own stuff or help another Girl Coder out (and as always: Girl Coders can also be guys ;-) ).

Let's all code and be wizards!

- Ineke

Ineke is a Web Development Intensive student through B. Startup School Amsterdam. You can find more of her work here and here.

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