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Nostalgia Meets Technology with Hypertape

Written by Peter Bolte on September 13, 2016 in Intensive, Learn to Code, New York City, Projects, Students, Technology


Oliver Huang, recent graduate of the Web Development Intensive program at the New York City campus, reinvented his youth when conceiving his final solo project, Hypertape.

Growing up, music was a very important part of his life. He and his friends would spend a lot of time making mix tapes to share with each other. They would not only introduce new music to each other with these playlists, but also make the labels and artwork to give them a personalized touch.

"Nowadays, I didn't really see any kind of collaborative effort like this between friends, so I wanted to bring that back in the modern era."

Oliver wanted to bring this intimate collaboration into our current technological age and was able to do so using several skills he learned during the 3-month bootcamp. He utilized the programming languages JavaScript and Ruby as well as accessing 3 public APIs to bring Hypertape to life.

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