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Keeping Up With the Curriculum

Written by Mike Miller on November 22, 2017 in curriculum

Get the scoop on our new Software Engineering Intensive program and the process behind building it

The tech industry is ever-evolving. So how do you train the next wave of tech talent in a field that is constantly changing? At NYCDA, we faced this challenge head-on. We dug deep and did our industry research (not to mention used our own 5+ years of experience in the edtech space!) in revamping our curriculum to offer a more holistic approach to learning, resulting in a Software Engineering Intensive program that truly sets students up for success.

“We found that hiring managers aren’t just looking for technical skills, but they are also looking for someone capable of learning new tools quickly and solving tricky problems under pressure. We learned that we get to facilitate the development of a whole new professional identity. It’s a fun puzzle to solve!”

-Elyse Kolin
Instructional Designer at NYCDA

In the newly-introduced Software Engineering Intensive (SEI) program, students still study the fundamentals of programming and computer science, but we take it a step further and emphasize workplace simulation, project-based learning, and career support.

The outcome? Graduates who are equipped with the technical and soft-skills to tackle the job market and settle seamlessly into a career in web development.

Want to learn more about the program and the process behind designing the new curriculum? The folks over at Course Report sat down with Instructional Designer Elyse Kolin and Director of Instructional Content and Faculty Development Orlando Caraballo to get the scoop. You can read the whole interview here, and be sure to check out our schedule of upcoming courses for more information on the Software Engineering Intensive and our other awesome programs.