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Introducing Summer Code Camp

Written by Cory Healy on July 19, 2017

Happy summer from NYCDA!

If you're looking for a way to close out the rest of the season, but also want to develop some serious programming skills, consider our summer code camp!

This 4-week, full-time introductory bootcamp is designed for beginners ages 18 and up. Students will start by learning how to structure basic web pages in HTML, then move on to designing pages further using CSS.

After mastering these primary aspects of front end development, students will learn JavaScript, a very popular and more advanced programming language, as well as jQuery, a JavaScript library to help assist in the coding process. At the end of this intensive code camp, students will walk away with a portfolio that includes a personal website and have the tools in place to jumpstart a career in web development.

The 4-week camp will be offered exclusively in New York and Philadelphia.

4-weeks too long? We also offer 2-week camps as well in New York, Philadelphia, and Amsterdam.