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Introducing Coding Kickstart!

Written by Cory Healy on December 16, 2016 in Coding Kickstart, Learn to Code, New York City, Technology

Last night we finished piloting our new Coding Kickstart program in New York City! We designed this as a free intensive workshop to demystify web development for the ‘code curious’ crowd.


Our Director of Brand Strategy, Mike Miller, introduced himself and his coding background to the audience on the first night. He then segued into the landscape of tech professions and how to conceptualize algorithms. Mike used to work as a Digital Strategist before joining our team and took our Web Dev 100 + Ruby on Rails course along the way. Since developing his chops, he’s done some killer in-house work for us—he's even responsible for redesigning this very website you’re reading right now!

“We’re really impressed with the turnout and feedback we got was amazing!” said NYC Community Manager Amanda Zamurs. “Everyone thought the program was well put together and a perfect place for beginners to get started."

Coding Kickstart was split into two nights for our New York pilot. Part One introduced how to think like a computer, problem solve through code, and the numerous real-world applications of the language. Participants also learned about the multiple tracks available to professional coders: developer, programmer, coder, engineer, computer scientist, data scientist, designer, product manager, etc.

Part Two was a deeper dive into HTML, CSS and JavaScript where we built basic web pages from scratch. By the time you're done with Coding Kickstart, you'll have a greater understanding of code and know how to use variables, control flow logic, and functions.

Now that our first Coding Kickstart program is in the books, we'll begin rolling out this free program to our other locations. Be on the lookout for a Coding Kickstart program near you in 2017!