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How Employers Feel About Bootcamp Graduates

Written by Cory Healy on July 14, 2017

Indeed has come out with a survey of tech recruiters and their hiring practices for bootcamp graduates.

According to their survey of 1,000 people throughout tech recruiting roles, 72% said they consider graduates of coding bootcamps to be “just as prepared and likely to be high performers" as their computer science degree counterparts. Furthermore, 12% of that say they think bootcamp grads are “more prepared and more likely to succeed" in their roles.

It's incredible news that shows that perceptions of coding bootcamps are coming full circle.

Other stats reported by Indeed include:

- 80% of respondents have actually gone ahead and hired a coding bootcamp graduate for a tech role within their company.

- The overwhelming majority (99.8%) say they would do so again.

- 51% of surveyed companies said that hiring bootcamp grads is a good way to help job seekers from underrepresented groups find work in the technology sector.

Where there was once skepticism about how well a bootcamp graduate can do after only having completed a full-time bootcamp, there’s no denying that specialized skills are highly appealing to both prospective students and employers alike.

In the beginning, what all bootcamps really had to go on were the merits of their instructors and curriculum, which varied from program to program. The measure of a coding bootcamp’s success and effectiveness can’t be measured until classes have been completed and job placements have been made. Federal regulations for bootcamps have long been underway; in the meantime entities such as Course Report and the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) provide more transparency and objective reporting on statistics that back up the effectiveness of coding bootcamp programs and curriculum. Ultimately reputation and testimonials serve as the judge and jury.

Coding Bootcamps help people get the specialized skills necessary to thrive in the tech sector—a sector that still badly needs more programmers and designers to match the abundance of jobs that the new digital market has created and continues to exponentially develop. Find out more about our upcoming programs in either coding or design here.