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Fall 2016 UI/UX Intensive Showcase

Written by Cory Healy on November 16, 2016 in Intensive, New York City, Students, Technology, The Internet, User Experience / User Interface Design 101

Our User Interface User / Experience Intensive students presented their final projects in last week’s Fall 2016 Showcase.

Kamilla, Egor, Kayan and Riah enrolled into our signature 12-week program to further develop their professional design skills. Each presented unique apps designed for specific problems to solve in our main room, orienting presentations around several key measures: competitive analysis, user flow, branding, wireframes, style guides, prototypes, usability testing, and more.


Egor, who comes to us all the way from Russia, developed 4Trip. His project functions as a one-page ‘geographic info system’ that allows you search for new places to visit, pin them to a map file, then upload that itinerary to any device such as a navigator or smart phone. His goal in mind was to reduce the number of pages and app exits experienced on existing mapping services. Rather than go through page after page, the mockup he presented gives a better way to prep your next vacation or business trip.

Riya and Kayan presented a quirky clothing prototype called Swap. In this scenario, their client was looking for a way to exchange gently used clothing peer-to-peer without monetary exchange. Interviewees for the project expressed they weren’t keen on thrifting in stores, or carrying large bags of clothes to the store. Swap users are able to build a profile based around what reasons they shop based on whether they’re necessity or pleasure shopping, if they’re budget-conscious or conspicuous, and if users preferred mobile or desktop experiences. With Swap, users would be able to advertise and trade clothing from both people and brand name retailers alike!

Last but not least, Kamila presented Missions, commissioned for Herald Missionary Charter Airlines. Her project aims to help missionaries get to their sites and make missionary trip planning and travel more user-friendly. Major airlines like Delta and United don’t offer direct flights to mission sites, only connecting ones; this results in loss of time, flight delays, and the potential for luggage misplacement. Thus, Herald Mission Charter Airline was conceived and Kamila aims to actively enhance it with her website.

“Over the last 8 weeks, I’ve worked one-on-one with Riya, Karen, Egor and Kamila to provide career counseling,” says Krystal Kaplan, NYCDA’s Outcomes Coordinator. “Their previous professional experience combined with UIUX fundamentals will be an asset in the Tech Designer field. The showcase was so special because I saw their final projects and know how much time, thought and learning went into it. Congrats and keep in touch!”

Egor, Kayan, Riah, and Kamilla all tackled unique challenges through design, and built out innovative results. What can you create in three months? Click here for a list of all our upcoming courses.