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Announcing NYCDA's Web Development Fellowship Program

Written by Mike Miller on December 08, 2017

The New York Code + Design Academy and New York City’s Tech Talent Pipeline team up to offer FREE web development training to eligible New Yorkers.

It’s no secret that at NYCDA we believe everyone can (and should!) learn to code. With headquarters in New York City, we’ve noticed the huge industry demand for local tech employees, and we’re taking steps to make web development training accessible to everyone.

How? The NYC Web Development Fellowship program. In our latest effort to help more New Yorkers realize their potential for a career in technology, we’ve partnered with New York City’s Tech Talent Pipeline to offer our Software Engineering Intensive program AT NO COST for eligible applicants. Graduates earn average starting salaries of $65,000 and have snagged jobs at companies like Spotify, Viacom and Kickstarter.

“Through our Tech Talent Pipeline Initiative, we are opening doors to opportunity by creating industry-informed trainings that we know will lead to lucrative careers.”

-Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of the
NYC Department of Small Business Services

The fourteen-week NYC Web Development Fellowship program prepares participants for careers as full-stack web developers, plus offers training in professional skills so grads are workforce-ready. After the training, participants are connected to two-month internships with NY-based tech companies after which they are connected to employment opportunities.

We’re currently accepting applications for participants in NYCDA’s first Web Development Fellowship cohort, which kicks off in February 2018.

Interested? Of course you are! Get more details, see if you’re eligible, and apply HERE.