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Full-Time Vs. Part-Time

Written by Peter Bolte on April 21, 2017

Course Report recently interviewed two of our recent graduates to compare our full-time and part-time Web Development Intensive programs. Jeff C...

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What To Expect In a Technical Interview

Written by Cory Healy on April 18, 2017

Technical interviews are a common step for hiring tech companies and businesses looking for their next web developer. They can either be take-home ...

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Gig Economy ≠ Freelancing

Written by Cory Healy on April 14, 2017

The allure of the gig economy is a siren song: work when you want; set your own hours; BE YOUR OWN BOSS. The Gig Economy isn’t doing you any fav...

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Coding Bootcamp: Just The Beginning

Written by Peter Bolte on April 12, 2017

Hunter Severini sits back down for our new series of Life/Code to check in with us about how his Web Development Intensive course is going. Just...

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Don't Passover These Apps!

Written by Cory Healy on April 12, 2017

Happy Passover from all of us at NYCDA! In honor of Pesach, here's a quick roundup of some fun and educational Jewish apps: Shema The f...

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Looking Forward After Bootcamp

Written by Peter Bolte on April 06, 2017

Web Development Intensive graduate Charmel Sippio, sits down with us to talk about why she chose the New York Code + Design Academy, what she has t...

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Why Assistive Tech Matters

Written by Cory Healy on April 06, 2017

Is it still innovation if disability isn’t accounted for? Eatsa, a Bay Area restaurant chain known as being 'the first automated cafe,' lets yo...

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A Fly On The Wall

Written by Peter Bolte on March 30, 2017

Meet Hunter Severini On our next Life/Code series, become a fly on the wall as NYCDA student Hunter Severini dives into the 12 week Web Developm...

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What Are Algorithms?

Written by Cory Healy on March 30, 2017

Algorithms make the digital world go round! These coded commands simplify the process of inputting and sorting complex data and tasks. They’re q...

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Designer Labels: UI, UX, IxD, IA & CX

Written by Cory Healy on March 29, 2017

This April our UI/UX Intensive debuts in Amsterdam! This full-time 12-week course teaches the skill sets needed for understanding human behavior an...

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AI Grows Up With 'Lifetime Learning'

Written by Cory Healy on March 23, 2017

In order to advance artificial intelligence and technology at large, robots are taking a page from their human counterparts: learning through adole...

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Build A Blog: 10 Easy Steps!

Written by Peter Bolte on March 23, 2017

With just a few tools, you can reach millions of people using code. Mike Miller, Director of Brand Strategy at the New York Code + Design Academ...

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Interview With Jake Ellenburg of Drunk Mode

Written by Cory Healy on March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patricks Day from NYCDA In honor of the annual tradition of remembering St. Patrick converting Irish pagans wearing green and getting dru...

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10 UX Fixes For Everyday Objects

Written by Cory Healy on March 14, 2017

UX design is a wonderful thing to have for online applications. Offline, there’s a lot of everyday objects that we interact with that could use a m...

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How Spotify Uses Big Data and AI to Pick Your Next Song

Written by Cory Healy on March 10, 2017

Yesterday I attended Spotify’s Big Data & Machine Learning panel at Galvanize in NYC. Going in I had a few select questions, mainly why my ...

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What Is Coding Kickstart?

Written by Cory Healy on March 09, 2017

We believe in making code and programming more accessible to anyone who has a desire to learn this skill. Coding Kickstart is a program that we off...

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Part-Time or Full-Time? NYCDA Grads Tell All

Written by Cory Healy on March 08, 2017

The great thing about coding bootcamps is that they have both full-time and part-time versions of courses to choose from. Here at New York Code + D...

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Octogenarian Creates iOS App

Written by Cory Healy on March 02, 2017

At NYCDA, we firmly believe that anyone can learn to code. 81-year-old Masako Wakamiya's story is further proof! After learning how to use a...

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Becoming An Influencer Through Code

Written by Peter Bolte on March 01, 2017

Becoming An Influencer Meet Kenza Mandri, recent graduate of the Web Development Intensive course at our New York City campus. Kenza is orig...

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How Better UI Could've Saved Warren Beatty

Written by Lauryn McCarter on February 28, 2017

I didn’t watch the Oscars this year, because, like every year, I didn’t have 75 hours of free time to watch a bunch of HOLLYWOOD ELITES congratulat...

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Floating Cities of the Future: An Interview with Karina Czapiewska

Written by Cory Healy on February 24, 2017

Imagine a world where we have sustainable cities floating on water, producing little to no waste and thriving off clean energy. A design firm i...

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Coding Quick Tip: Indent Your Code

Written by Peter Bolte on February 21, 2017

Up Your Game! It’s the little things that add up to becoming a successful coder. Brian Fountain, Chief Creative Officer at the New York Code + D...

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How Women Thrive in Crowdfunding

Written by Cory Healy on February 17, 2017

In the 21st century, crowdfunding has become the go-to method for raising money, and tech is cashing in. According to total fund...

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Where Do Coders Hangout?

Written by Peter Bolte on February 13, 2017

Clubs For Coders Have you ever wondered if there is a place that coders hangout? Well, look no further! Everyone from individual coders to full ...

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